Thank you for your interest in the work of
                                                   The Environmental Relief Center.

                                                   If you wish information regarding our volunteer
                                                   positions, please forward a letter of introduction
                                                   describing your background and environmental
                                                   Please also include your most immediate contact
                                                   information so we may arrange a meeting to
                                                   acquaint you with our  grass-roots services and
                                                   discuss your placement with The Environmental
                                                   Relief Center.
                                                   Thank you for your environmental concerns and
                                                   for your interest in community conservation programs.

                      Note to GRASSROOTS ORGANIZATIONS applying for benefits and services:  
                                            Please refer to
Grassroots Benefits and Service       

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Below are job classifications for Project Staff.  These professional posts will be   
filled as program schedules develop.  If you are interested in our mission and would
like to discuss personnel opportunities, please call Peggy Forster, Chief Executive
Officer, (818) 762-5852.

                           PERSONNEL  OPPORTUNITIES
The Environmental Relief Center, a private foundation,  
invites volunteers to join with environmental interns and
professional personnel to advance the goals of the
organization.  (Please see our mission statement
Walking Down Hope Street.  
W i l d f l o w e r s   o f   t h e   P r i b i l o f   I s l a n d s
                                PERSONNEL POSITIONS

(1)   Project Administrator/Personnel Director to oversee business
operations and supervise grant-writing, gift-planning, and
fund-raising events.

Project Director/Biologist to review grant applications and                       
identify, assess, and select applicants based upon recommenda-
tions from the Center's environmental science teams.

Scientists and Interns from the Environmental Sciences:

(a)  Visit grass-roots organizations in threatened areas;
     submit reports on loss of species and habitats,
     resource destruction and/or contamination, and
     prepare estimates for RELIEF funding and services.

(b)  Provide educational seminars to community leaders,
      volunteers, and local interest groups.

Environmental Law Personnel for the evaluation of  local laws
and policy violations; recommendations concerning legal
intervention and/or strategies; and supervision of student interns
as they assist grass-roots leadership.            

Public Relations Director/Journalist

(a)   Provide media outreach services.

(b)  Organize media response teams and damage control
     when necessary.

(c)  Supervise intern journalists, news releases, reports
     and develop profiles of grass-roots leadership.

Website Personnel

(a)  Maintain and update Website Directory listings for grass-
roots organizations, detailing mission statements and accounts
of local environmental struggles and organizational needs.

(b)  Oversee the publication of News and Commentary, citing                          
current legislative action and local issues, and provide
reports of city, county, state, and federal environmental
initiatives and policies which affect local areas.

Television and Video Arts Personnel to visit grass-roots community
sites for filming demonstrations, public debates, issues statements, media
reports, and AWARDS programs.  

 Producer/Director --  Develop and coordinate Annual Environmental     
Awards programs.