Fiscal responsibility is a guiding force in the administration of The Environmental  Relief
Center, a  Public Benefit Corporation.   Accountability is assured through reliable record-
keeping and systematic audits.  Starting small and expanding as funding  permits, the
Center has adopted conservative operating procedures to keep  expenditures minimal
and overhead low in order to fulfill our organizational mission.     


Gifts and contributions are welcome from individuals, families, private agencies, federal, state,
and local units, foundations, denominational groups, and other interested supporters.    Our
executive director, Peggy Forster, encourages you to speak with her personally should you
have any questions regarding your support  for our charitable work on behalf of environmental
protection and/or public health problems.  

For more information regarding our programs, please review our
Mission Statement,
Grass Roots Dilemmas, and Grass Roots Benefits and Services.

Peggy Forster can be reached at (818) 762-5852, or by e-mail at:
Fund-raising for Grass Roots Survival
                                     Gifts and Contributions
The Environmental Relief Center

l.   Privacy rights will be governed by strict observance of
security policies and applicable laws.
2.  Donor gifts will be used for the purposes intended.
3.  Donors will be immediately informed of the identities of officers
and board members.
4.  Donors will have access to most recent audited reports.
5.  If desired, Donors will receive recognition on the CENTER'S
6.  For tax purposes, each Donor will be provided immediately
with contribution statements.

The Environmental Relief Center is developing a special fund to sponsor environmental
AWARDS programs.   Inspirational authors, explorers, and leaders such as  Henry David
,  John Muir,  Jacques Cousteau,  Rachel Carson,  Cesar Chavez,  David Brower,  
Martin Luther King,  Ralph Nader, Jane Goodall,  Jared Diamond,  Richard Dawkins, Al Gore,
and numerous others, have all made outstanding contributions to a new recognition of our
endangered planet, our dwindling resources, and mounting social and political inequities.     

In this tradition, our Annual
AWARDS program will honor a new generation of advocates who
speak up for livable communities; who demonstrate against environmental assaults upon
public health and safety, and whose courageous explorations and research have become the
environmental and social models for others to follow.  Those who are interested in supporting
this long-term goal are encouraged to submit their proposals and/or suggestions, and to join
our round-table discussions regarding specific educational and entertainment formats for
grassroots advocacy.  We believe that annual
AWARDS programs publicly acknowledging a
new generation of honorees, will inspire a greater respect for individual commitment as well
as for regulatory protections.
Writers, scientists, and organizational leaders who are little known outside of their chosen
disciplines, will receive PUBLIC RECOGNITION
AWARDS  for their research into habitat
depletion, hemispheric pollution, toxic substances, species extinction, and environmental
and social justice.  

Unfamiliar names of authors, educators, and scientists, along with musicians, artists, poets
and documentary film-makers (whose themes have raised awareness of finite resources and
wide-spread ecological damage) will become well known through their messages of
environmental awareness.  We believe a national program
AWARDING the accomplishments
of today's environmental leaders will stimulate a new wave of grass-roots initiatives for
health and safety, as well as renewed efforts  to halt the destructions of natural areas.

An environmental
AWARDS program promises to give future generations of grass-roots  
conservationists new inspiration and confidence as courageous honorees provide  
guidelines and inspiration for the leaders of tomorrow.  If you are interested in helping with
the development of this innovative project, please contact us at the address below.
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 The Environmental Relief Center is a non-profit, Private Foundation.  
 All donations are tax deductible.  FOR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION, PLEASE
Mt. McKinley, Denali National Park, Alaska
Wildflowers of the Pribilof Islands
Eco-Entertainment (See Below)

Through the CENTER'S unwavering commitment to "green", environmentally
sustainable products and portfolio choices. our donors may be assured that
all investments will be consistent with our mission to conserve Earth's natural