FOR  GRASS-ROOTS  ORGANIZATIONS                               

The Environmental Relief Center is a private foundation offering support and services to
environmental grass-roots organizations through advocacy, public education, and special funding.
Our numerous
Application Procedures are offered nationally to inspire local community
involvement in environmental conservation, public health, and social justice.   Environmental groups
are invited to submit inquiries and/or applications for assistance in accordance with the Center's
guidelines for accountability and outcome (see below).  

Benefits and Services personnel will make their funding determinations based on review of
grass-roots organizational objectives, previous history and future planning, as well as site visits and
interviews with local leaders and volunteers.   Please note: 501(c)(3) status is not a requirement for
applicant organizations.  Environmental grass-roots organizations, regardless of non-profit status,
are eligible for services.   

Application submissions require a narrative statement defining present and future organizational
goals, as well as current and projective budgets itemizing funding needs, benefits and services
required, and time-line estimates for achievement of goals.  Please refer to guidelines below for

Application Procedures

Applicants may also elect an (optional) advocacy listing in our Grass-roots Action Directory which will
identify each organization's mission and history, activities, accomplishments, current programs, and
funding and support needs.  If an applicant organization elects this option, please submit requested
statements in accordance with the Directory guidelines.
Due to space limitations, please confine Directory statements to 500 words or less.)

                                                         SERVICES AND MATERIALS

                                             Grass-roots organizations may elect one or all of
                                             the following services and materials to help sustain
                                             conservation programs and local visibility.

1.  Expert witnesses to present scientific testimony at public meetings

 Environmental Law Services offering consultation and legal strategies.

 Public Relations Response Teams to correct media distortions, and disseminate reports
of grass-roots events and organizational progress to news outlets and the Center website

4.  Demonstration Materials and Supplies for town-hall meetings and educational programs, such
as signs and banners, auditorium leasing, display vehicles, public address systems, and
other advocacy needs.

 Green Products:  Environmentally sound fund-raising products with local organizational logos    
printed on cups, pens, tote bags, caps, tee shirts and other items.

 Website Grass-roots Action Directory:  Organizational listing on the Center Website with                
grass-roots mission statements, status of current projects, long-term goals, and funding                    
 Funding and Administrative Support Services, as required.

                                                         APPLICATION PROCEDURES

Our officers and board members will base funding decisions upon the application process which will
include team review of organizational mission; and, where applicable, an overview of past and future
strategies, environmental law survey of relevant state and local statutes, and team site visits and
interviews with leaders and/or officers and volunteers.  Please call us prior to submitting application.

                                          Grass-roots Organizations are Invited to Apply for
                                          Funds and Services using the Following Guidelines:

1.  Provide relevant contact information:  Name, address, e-mail and website addresses,
   and phone numbers.
2.  Provide the names, home addresses and phone numbers for your official leadership appointees
   and officers.
3.  Provide your mission statement and your time-line estimates for achievement of goals.
4.  If applicable, provide Letters of Determination from the IRS and Secretary of State.          
5.  Describe the community partnerships and coalitions to which you are committed, if applicable.
6.  Describe the history of your organization, and the specific work and
   activities which have been conducted to date, if applicable.               
7.  Describe your present and future organizational objectives and strategies.
8.  Describe the services, materials and the amount of funds for which          
   you are applying, and provide a detailed account of how these benefits will be utilized.   
9.  Submit a copy of your current budget, if applicable, and next year's proposed budget
The Environmental Relief Center wishes to thank all Applicants for observing the requested                
standard guidelines when submitting application history and current fiscal status.

Please submit application materials by U.S. Postal Service to:


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